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The design group of Alternativa company produces all types of modern suspended facades. The quality of the work performed meets all building codes.

BIM in construction

BIM technology is a fundamentally new approach to building design. It is based on a design of a volumetric complex project by all participants at the same time: architects, designers, engineers, technologists. Everything in the modeled facility project should be extremely rational.

Design services for Suspended Facade Systems in BIM

Quantitative analysis of materials that will be applied in the project for a Suspended Facade System, making up of technical and commercial offers.

Data collection for drawing up technical specifications for the Suspended Facade System design;

Development of a design documentation for the Suspended Facade System;

Development of a project for the Suspended Facade System production;

Coordination of the design documentation (with the customer, technical supervision group, general designer, etc.);

Consulting all participants of the construction project;

Drawing up as-built documentation for the facade (actual deviations of the facade structures from the design; the actual cladding area);

Preparation of detailed instructions for the factory production of building structures (the production stage for Detailed metal constructions used for metal cassettes, composite panels, parts, window sills, etc.);

Design project (visualization of the facade, coloring).


Construction supervision services:

Technical supervision (supervising over the correct installation of the system according to the facade project);

Designer’s supervision (supervising over the correct installation of the system according to the facade project, signing agreements for the concealed works);


Engineering survey services:

Geodetic survey (3D models, 2D models).


Alternativa: Professional design of Suspended Facade Systems

Optimal operation of a suspended facade depends on the implementation of a whole range of tasks, competent design and correct selection of materials.


Professional design of the Alt-Fasad Suspended Facade Systems includes the following data:

-the required bearing capacity of the frame’s structural elements (Expert opinion by TsNIISK named after Melnikov);

-excellent wind resistance at significant altitudes (Expert opinion by TsNIISK named after Melnikov);

-corrosion resistance in mildly aggressive, moderately aggressive and highly aggressive areas (Conclusion report by ExpertKorr-MISiS);

-compensation of thermal deformations in the presence of daily and seasonal temperature changes (Technical certificate);

-thermal insulation and heat-insulation (Certificates, quality documents);

-fire safety and ease of installation (Fire tests report by Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Russia);

-the possibility of application in areas with seismicity of 7-9 points (Technical report by TsNIISK named after Kucherenko).

The TsNIISK group of experts named after Melnikov has developed the Methodology for calculating the strength of the Alt-Fasad structures in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements in the construction industry.


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