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Modern Systems for Suspended

Suspended facade is a particular construction system for the outer side of a wall, which makes it possible to reduce heat losses of a building and to protect it from external environmental influences.

Modern Facade Systems

Design and assembly of suspended facade systems, as well as the implementation of construction projects of any complexity is carried out within the shortest period of time and under optimal investment, thanks to the well-established collaboration of the production, logistics and warehouse sectors. The high quality of manufactured components for ventilated facades is verified by a full set of required documents issued by federal supervisory authorities, research institutes and laboratories. Production technologies and design solutions for facade systems are constantly improved by the qualified engineering and technical teams and supervised at all levels.

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Components of Suspended Facade System

We offer modern suspended facade systems for any cladding materials
Applied to fasten cladding material
Mineral insulation
Applied to insulate the outer side of a building
Cladding material
Ceramic granite tiles, fiber cement tiles, concrete tiles, panel cassettes


Modern Facade Systems

Suspended facade is a particular system for constructing a wall outer surface, which allows reducing heat losses of a building and protecting it from external environmental influences. Alternativa Company produces various systems of suspended facades suitable for various cladding materials.

Wholesale discount

5% - for orders over 1,000 sq. m.
7% - for orders over 5000 sq. m.
10% - for orders over 10,000 sq. m.
12% - for orders over 100,000 sq. m.

Quality of materials

The components are manufactured from the best raw materials in the excellent national and imported machines. The high quality of manufactured components for our suspended facades is achieved thanks to modern technologies, compliance with all norms of the production process and supervision at all stages. Many certificates received at trade and industrial exhibitions prove the quality of our products. However, trust of our customers remains the most important criteria of the guaranteed quality for our facade systems!

Technical documentation

Alt-Fasad-01, Album of Technical Solutions

Alt-Fasad-03, Album of Technical Solutions

Alt-Fasad-04, Album of Technical Solutions

Alt-Fasad-06, Album of Technical Solutions

Alt-Fasad-07, Album of Technical Solutions

Technical support

Design of Facade Systems

The design group of Alternativa Company constructs all types of modern suspended facades. The quality of the work performed meets all building norms.


Construction design supervision

The company's specialists carry out construction design supervision at the request of the customer in order to fully comply with the project and prevent possible violations during the installation of the facade system.


Geodetic works

Photographing of a façade building is necessary to create a virtual project for a suspended facade of a house and to see its compliance with the actual dimensions of the structure.


Contract supervision

Our designers train the installation teams, explain all the installation stages for any particular subsystem, manage the installation work and control its quality.

Video about the Company

The company was founded on March 19, 2003 on the territory of the Closed Administrative-Territorial Association of Trekhgorny town, Chelyabinsk region. Altamonte the number of our employees exceeds 200 people (Engineers and technicians compiled of 40 people, and working staff of 180 people). The production area of the equipped workshops reserved for the manufacture of suspended facade systems and for stamping production is about 9930 m2, the total area of the territory belonging to our company is 58000 m2.

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ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Head office – 121059, Moscow, 38/1 Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya st.
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Warehouse – Russia, Moscow region, Reutov, 11B Transportnaya st.
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Russia, St. Petersburg, 193 Obvodny Canal embankment, Tsiolkovsky Business Center, 4th floor., Office 5
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Trekhgorny town, 2A Vostochnoe highway
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Russia, Chelyabinsk, 173 Tchaikovskogo st.
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Russia, Novosibirsk, 28 Krasny prospect st., office 401
ALTERNATIVA Suspended Facade Systems
Russia, Irkutsk, 98 Piskunova st., office 5

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